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Related article: Affairs of the Heart Affairs of the Heart Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi Legal Disclaimer: This is fiction and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned herein. If you are offended by material of a homosexual nature, or if such material cannot be legally viewed in your area, stop reading this now. Otherwise, I hope that you enjoy reading this work. Email: Please include "Affairs" in the email subject line. All emails will be answered. ICQ: 53886549 My Website: I also hang out in the #BoyBands channel a lot, using my middle name, Colin. Also, you can find me in the room #JCV, also on SolarChat, which is the new chat room for my website. To make it easy for my readers to access #JCV, I have added a Java applet to enter the room with, so stop by my website and click on the Live Chat link and start chatting today! Chapter 6 Ashley Smith's eyes slowly open as he becomes aware of the sound of garbage trucks moving noisily down the streets. He rubs his eyes, and sits up in bed, as he swings his legs down to the floor. As much as Ashley has always loved New York City, he'd be lying if he said that he wanted to live here forever. He likes the city and it's many sights, and he doesn't mind living here occasionally, but his heart yearns to be back home in Middlebury, Vermont. Ashley gets out of bed, and stretches for a moment, before going down the hall to the smallest of the four bedrooms where he setup a home gym, instead of a bed. Ashley lays down on the bench press and starts his morning workout. Being a model can be tough sometimes. While it is true that he does have to keep a certain shape, and retain a certain weight, Ashley is not anorexic or bulimic. In fact, out of all of the models that Ashley has worked with, none of them were. All it takes to remain thin is to eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and get lots of exercise. Ashley does all of this, but he can of course splurge every know and then and treat himself to junk food without having to worry about ruining his figure. Ashley works out for about an hour, before he stops, and grabs a towel from the nearby rack and wipes off the sweat. He then heads into the kitchen and starts the coffee pot, before going into the master bathroom to take his morning shower. Ashley takes a quick shower, before he gets out and dries himself off. He wraps a towel around his waist, and hurries into the bedroom as he hears his cell phone ringing. ---- Kevin Richardson sits in his pajamas in the living room area of his suite here at the Plaza hotel. Normally Kevin wouldn't wear pajamas, but since Kristin got pregnant, they've both started wearing pajamas. They figure that if either of them went to bed in the nude like they used to before the pregnancy, they'd be having sex so fast that their heads would be spinning. True, there are many doctors who would say that Kevin and Kristin can have sex, despite the fact that Kristin is six-and-a-half months pregnant, but they don't want to take any chances. It's not like Kevin and Kristin can't survive without sex. Kevin flips aimlessly through the channels for a few more minutes, before turning off the tv and heading into the bathroom. Kevin closes and locks the bathroom door, before starting up the shower. The reason that Kevin locked the door is because he knows that Kristin seems to have this love of having sex in the shower. And every time that Kevin showers, she tries to get him to do it with her. It's as if she loses control over her own mind and her hormones take over whenever she hears the shower water running. One doesn't have to be a brain surgeon to realize how dangerous it would be for a pregnant woman to have sex while showering. It's very slippery in the shower after all, and for Kristin, a fall could very well spell certain doom for the two young lives growing inside of her. Anyway, Kevin slowly removes his clothes, as he takes a moment to admire himself in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. Kevin has never considered himself to be vain, but for some reason he has always enjoyed looking at his body in the nude. That probably is also part of the reason for Kevin's preference to sleep in the nude. Kevin runs his hands over his chiseled and well-defined chest, and down over his rock hard six pack abs. Kevin smiles while doing so because he knows that he does look good. When Kevin realizes what he just thought, he stops and thinks to himself, "I'm not a vain person. Looking at oneself and acknowledging that one looks good doesn't make one vain does it? If it does, I guess I'm guilty as sin." On this note, Kevin smiles at the image of himself in the mirror, before climbing into the shower, and letting the hot water cascade over his body. ----Ashley quickly picks up his cell phone, and looks at the caller id display for a moment before answering it."Hey dad. What's up?""Hey Ash, I just called to see if you all enjoyed the concert last night," replies Donald Smith, "And to see if everything went okay what with me only being able to get the three backstage passes.""Yeah, everything worked out," replies Ashley, "The guard didn't recognize us at first, but then he realized that his daughter has a shrine in her bedroom dedicated to me when Di showed her one of the magazines with my picture on the cover. So he let us all in. Later I made sure that I got a piece of paper for his daughter, with Kerr, Scott, and my autographs on it.""Well that was nice of you, Ash," replies Donald, with a slight laugh, "Wonder how she'd feel if she knew that you were gay.""I get the feeling that she might not have that shrine up for long," replies Ashley, joining in on his father's laughter."No probably not," replies Donald, "So, how's everyone else?""Still asleep I think," replies Ashley, "I know Zach is anyway. He's still sound asleep in my bed.""So you two still sleep together?""Yeah, I don't know why, but whenever we're together we just always crawl into the same bed," replies Ashley, "I guess it's just a force of habit for us. Having always slept together when we were younger, before you made all that money you rich old tycoon you.""Hey now! I'm not all that rich, I only have a small fortune, and I'm certainly not old!""I know, dad, you're not old," replies Ashley, "But you're still a filthy rich tycoon. I don't care what you say, but you are. Last time I checked your net worth stood at two-hundred and ninety-three million dollars. That's a whole hell of a lot more then what can be described as a small fortune.""Okay, Ash, I see your point.""Oh, dad, I meant to ask you," replies Ashley, as he walks down the hall to Nude Preteen Models the guest room that Kerr and Scott are using and enters the room, to find them awake and making out, "Are you planning on coming to New York City anytime soon? I know K really wants you to meet his friend, emphasis on friend, Nude Preteen Models Scott.""Is that Uncle Don?" asks Kerr as he gets out of bed and stands up, as Scott grins from ear to ear."Oh god," replies Ashley as he turns his back, "Dad, you should thank god you're not here right this second.""Why's that?""Cause you just would have seen your nephew naked," replies Ashley, "Sporting a morning hard-on."When Kerr hears Ashley say this, he looks downward and turns about a million shades of red, as he grabs the bathrobe that Scott holds out to him, who is laughing his head off."Yeah, that's not a sight I really need to see," replies Donald, "Let me talk to Kerr.""Sure thing dad," replies Ashley, as he turns around and looks at his now clothed cousin, "Hey you sexy stud you, my dad wants to talk to you."Ashley grins as he says this and hands Kerr the phone before he collapses onto the bed, and joins Scott in laughing at Kerr. Kerr takes the phone and quickly sticks his tongue out at both Scott and Ashley before he starts talking with his uncle."Damn, I never imagined that my cousin was that well hung," whispers Ashley to Scott."Yeah, he is pretty amazing," replies Scott, "He's the best piece of ass I've ever had. Also the most lovable, adorable, cute, magnificently gorgeous man I've ever dated.""Well, that's only because you haven't dated me," replies Ashley, a bit too loudly, as Kerr puts his hand over the mouthpiece of the cell phone and says, "And he never will date you, Ash. Scott is all mine, so get your own boyfriend.""Oh Kerr, don't worry. I was only kidding. I'm not going to move in on your territory," replies Ashley, "You and Scott make a very cute couple. Who am I to interfere with that?""Good," replies Kerr, as he turns around and resumes his talking to his uncle."Well, Scott, if you'll excuse me, I'm just going to go make breakfast," replies Ashley with a smile as he kisses Scott on the cheek, "Don't worry Kerr, I'm not trying to steal him. But if you're as serious about him as you seem, I might as well start considering him family."Ashley smiles at Scott, who thanks him for that sentiment, and gives Kerr a playful punch in the arm, followed by a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving the room.----Brian slowly starts to wake up the morning after the concert to find the place next to him in bed, which is where Lance should be, is empty. Brian gets really worried for a moment, until the door to the bedroom portion of their suite opens to reveal Lance, wearing nothing but a pair of blue silk boxers and a smile. He pulls into the room with him a silver room service cart, and pulls it up to the bed next to Brian, who has a curious look plastered all over his face. Lance then produces from behind his back a bouquet of a dozen red roses, which he hands to Brian, whose curious look is replaced by a huge smile."You know something Brian, I was looking at the calendar today, and I realized something," replies Lance."What's that?""I realized that today is our anniversary," replies Lance, "The ten month anniversary of the day that we decided to date one another.""Really? Well, I must have missed that," replies Brian, with one of his classic grins, which Nude Preteen Models Lance has come to be able to interpret very well, and knows that Brian is only kidding."And I thought that since it's our anniversary and all, and since we don't have anything planned for today, and we were so rudely interrupted by your cousin yesterday, that we could continue what we were going to do."As Lance says this he removes the cover from the room service cart to reveal a large silver bowl full of fresh strawberries. Next to it are two smaller silver bowls, one containing whipped cream, and the other one is full of milk chocolate syrup."And I thought that we could make use of all this stuff," replies Lance with a sly grin, "What do you think?""Oh I'm sure we can find some use for it," replies Brian as he pulls Lance into a passionate kiss as their tongues begin to wrestle around in each other's mouths.Lance and Brian kiss each other passionately for several minutes, before Lance pulls away and takes a strawberry from the bowl. He pulls the leaves off the top of it before dipping it in the whipped cream and feeding it to Brian, who gladly accepts it. Brian then reaches over to the bowl, grabs another strawberry, and removes the leaves from it before dipping it into the chocolate and puts it halfway into his mouth, leaning over to Lance. Lance smiles at Brian for a second, before leaning over, intending to take the exposed half of the strawberry.Brian however as other ideas, and he quickly leans backwards just as Lance was about to reach the strawberry. Brian lays down, his eyes pleading with Lance to lay down as well. Lance once again smiles, before laying down on top of Brian, and taking the exposed half of the strawberry, as the two lovers share it, before kissing each other passionately once again. Lance soon breaks the kiss, stands up, and removes his boxers. Lance then throws back the covers on the bed to reveal Brian's naked body, which Lance simply cannot get enough of.Lance takes another one of the strawberries and drips it in the chocolate, before straddling Brian's legs. Lance then puts the tip of the strawberry on Brian's chiseled and muscular chest, and writes on it with chocolate, I L-O-V-E Y-O-U, B-R-I-A-N, as Brian simply grins at Lance, giggling a bit because of the cold chocolate syrup making contact with his skin. Lance then leans down and begins to lick up the chocolate, as Brian lets out soft moans of pleasure, enjoying the feel of Lance's soft and velvety tongue licking his chest. Once all of the chocolate is licked up, Lance doesn't stop licking Brian's chest and stomach. He instead continues downward, running his tongue down Brian's right thigh, before coming up and planting a kiss on the head of Brian's tool, which is as hard as a rock.Lance then runs his tongue down the length of Brian's tool, as Brian moans in pleasure. Lance runs his tongue up and down Brian's length several times, before he finally takes it into his Nude Preteen Models mouth, and swallows it all the way to the base. When Brian and Lance first started dating, and subsequently having sex, Lance couldn't deep-throat very well at all. But, as he practiced, and he got lots and lots of practice in the early days of his and Brian's relationship, he got much better at it, and could soon swallow the whole of Brian's eight inches without gagging. Lance starts to go up and down on Brian's tool, as Brian continuously lets out moans of ecstasy. Brian places his hands on the back of Lance's head, as his fingers run through Lance's soft blonde hair."Oh, Lance, honey that feels so good!" moans Brian, as Lance continues his up and down motion on Brian's tool.Brian continually gets closer and closer to cumming, and as he gets caught up in the moment, he prevents Lance from slowing down his movements. Lance continues his fast pace, knowing that Brian must really be in need of a release, or he'd let him slow down and make this moment last as long as possible. Of course the fact that Brian and Lance haven't actually had any sexual contact in almost two months probably explains that. They've both been so busy with the tour, and a multitude of other things that they haven't had the time to have sex. Well, there have been times when they would have had the time, but they were either not feeling well, or they were both just too exhausted to do it."Oh, Lance, yes... I'm getting close... oh yeah baby," moans out Brian as he can feel his whole body tensing up, announcing the coming orgasm.Moments later, Brian screams out Lance's name as he shoots his warm and succulent loads deep into Lance's mouth, as Lance starts to swallow it. Lance swallows as much of Brian's juices as he can, before removing his mouth from Brian's tool. Lance leaves some of the warm fluid in his mouth as he moves up to Brian's lips, and pulls him into a passionate kiss, as the two of them share Brian's juices. When the kiss ends, Brian smiles at Lance and replies, "Your turn," as Brian and Lance roll over in bed so that Brian is on top of Lance.----Half-an-hour later, Ashley finishes cooking breakfast as Diana, Zachary, Kerr, and Scott sit down at the kitchen table to eat it. Ashley has prepared several different breakfast foods, including bacon, eggs, ham, toast, and blueberry muffins. Normally Ashley wouldn't cook this much food, but he was in a good mood this morning, and he wasn't exactly sure what Kerr and Scott like to eat for breakfast. True, Kerr is Ashley's cousin, and they are close to one another, but they don't really get the opportunity to see each other very much with Ashley almost always in New York City or abroad in cities such as Paris or Milan doing modeling gigs and Kerr either at his home in California or in Wilmington, North Carolina filming Dawson's Creek. "Sheesh cuz, you think you made enough here?""Well, hey what can I say? I'm in a good mood this morning, who can blame me for that considering that I met Ke... I mean the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC last night.""What were you going to say, Ash?" asks Scott, picking up that Ashley had started to say something but then stopped himself."Kevin. He was going to say Kevin," replies Diana, "Ashley has a very, very big crush on Kevin Richardson. I've told him that he obviously doesn't stand a chance with him. I mean come on he's happily married to Kristin, and she is after all pregnant with twins. Ashley give up on him! Hell will freeze over before you get into Kevin's pants.""Diana, I've said it a million times before, and I'll say it again. Shutup!""Ash you should know by now that I never do shutup when you tell me to.""I know, so I'll just have to make you shutup," replies Ashley with a sly grin on his face as he Nude Preteen Models goes over to one of the cabinets and removes something from it, "Diana, guess what I have? It's your favorite!""You do not!""Yes I do. Grandmother gave me the recipe before she lost her mind to Alzheimer's," replies Ashley, "Double chocolate fudge with walnuts. I know that you can't resist it, and you aren't getting any unless you shutup and don't talk at all for the next four hours.""That's not fair! That's blackmail!""Call it what you will," replies Ashley, "While you're doing that, Zach, Kerr, Scott and I will be enjoying grandmother's fudge.""Okay, okay! I won't talk at all for four hours," replies Diana, "Now please just give me the fudge!"Ashley just smiles and takes some of the fudge and hands it to Diana, who quickly begins to devour it, smiling all the while."And Diana, if you do talk at all during the next four hours," replies Ashley, "You'll never have grandmother's fudge ever again. I'm the only one who knows how to make it now, so I'll simply never make it for you ever again if you talk."Diana simply nods in understanding, and continues to devour the fudge, while everyone else simply looks at her, and starts laughing. You'd think she was a starving wild beast that hasn't eaten for a month the way she's devouring it so quickly. Finally, Zach looks at his sister and replies, "Slow down, Diana. I know that grandmother's fudge is really good but you're going to get a stomach ache if you keep eating it so fast."----"Hey darling," replies Kristin as she kisses Kevin on the cheek. Kevin sits at the table in the living room area of the hotel suite going over some papers for the tour."Hey Kris," replies Kevin, as he looks up from his work, "How are you three doing?"Kristin smiles at Kevin, and replies, "We're doing just fine, Kevy.""That's good to hear," replies Kevin as he puts away Nude Preteen Models the papers and such that he was going over, having pretty much finished his work already, "Hey Kristin, I was thinking about calling Ashley and inviting him and the others over today. They all seemed pretty cool last night, and I for one would like to get to know them all better. What do you think?""Yeah, Kev, that's a cool idea," replies Kristin with a smile, "Go for it."Kevin simply smiles at Kristin, kisses her hand, and picks up his cell phone as he gets out the scrap of paper with Ashley's phone number on it.----"Well, if you'll excuse me all, I really need to get to work.""Zach, this is a vacation," replies Ashley, "You can't work!""Sorry bro, duty calls. I have 164 tests to grade before spring break ends," replies Zach, "I've been putting it off, but now I really should Nude Preteen Models get it done because I promised my students that their tests would be graded by the time they got back.""Could you use some help?" asks Scott, "I can help you grade some of them if you have like an answer key.""Thanks Scott," replies Zach, "But I only have the one answer key.""No problem bro," replies Ashley, "I happen to own a copy machine, so just make a copy or two of the answer key and then you can get some help on it. The copier is in my bedroom, in that big dark cherry armoire, here's the key for it.""Thanks, Ash," replies Zach, "Alright well, Scott I suppose you can help me grade the multiple choice, true false, and matching sections of the test. I'll have to grade the essay questions myself though.""Okay," replies Scott, "Come on Kerr, you get to help too.""I do?""Yes, you do," replies Scott as he drags Kerr out of the room, leaving Ashley all alone in the kitchen. Diana went to her room awhile ago, because she got a stomach ache from eating grandmother's fudge to fast, so she went to lay down. Ashley stands up and starts to clean up the breakfast dishes and such, when his cell phone rings.Ashley wipes off his hands and removes the phone from his pocket. Ashley looks at the caller id and sees 'K. Richardson' on the display, as he answers the phone, "Hello Kevin.""Hi Ashley, how'd you know it was me?""My cell has caller id.""Oh, okay. Well I talked to Kristin and the other guys and we all agree that we'd like to get to know you and your family better," replies Kevin, "So perhaps you could all come over here to our hotel?""Well, as tempting as that sounds," replies Ashley, "I'll have to decline. You're all welcome however to come by my apartment though. We'd all come over there but my procrastinating high school teacher bro forgot to grade 164 tests for his classes that he promised would be done by the time school went back into session after spring break. So Scott and Kerr are helping him grade those. Diana, who never listens to reason, ate too much of my grandmother's fudge too quickly and got a stomach ache. So, I think maybe you guys coming over here would be the best solution.""Okay, that sounds good," replies Kevin, "We'll all be over soon." To be continued... Email: Please include "Affairs" in the email subject line. All emails will be answered. ICQ: 53886549 My Website: I also hang out in the #BoyBands channel a lot, using my middle name, Colin. Also, you can find me in the room #JCV, also on SolarChat, which is the new chat room for my website. To make it easy for my readers to access #JCV, I have added a Java applet to enter the room with, so stop by my website and click on the Live Chat link and start chatting today!
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